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2016 Recipient - Liam Patience

The Kyle Levy Pride in Logging Bursary helped me gain an education in an industry I am proud to be a part of. I get to see great things, meet great people and enjoy the best career in the world because of what the A.F. Timber company has helped me achieve.   I hope to see more graduates take an interest to forestry and logging in the Kootenays and remain proud of its vital role in our area. - Liam Patience

This year the Kyle Levy Pride in Logging has made an exciting transition to include first year university students as well as high school graduates. We are proud to announce Micah May as the 2017 bursary recipient. Micah has completed his first year at University of Northern British Columbia.

Micah holds a high GPA with a passion for forest stewardship and environmental studies which has gained him recognition and awards within the community. To name a few, he was awarded the Council of Forest Industries Scholarship, as well as the Get High on Nature Scholarship. The latter of which is awarded to a student pursuing post-secondary education in an area related to environmental studies. He has a solid record of environmental activities as well.

He has demonstrated his continuing interest in the future of our region, including the importance of natural resource industries, particularly forestry, and the need for his generation to become involved and support creative innovation within our sector.  

Micah has been described as an innovative leader, who carefully considers situations. While he appreciates the positive, he senses key gaps and needs, and then identifies creative ideas to fill those spaces. During his first year at school he joined and became the treasurer for the UNBC Forestry Club, in his words “it gave me the opportunity to give back to the forest industry."  

When Micah is not studying, he is passionate about the outdoors. He has come to love simple ways of experiencing the backcountry: trail running, hiking, canoeing, hunting, and backcountry skiing. But to him it is about more than just being out there, rather he is interested in "learning about and connecting with the environment."

Micah will be working this summer at Mount Revelstoke and Glacier National Parks and was offered a community 
outreach position. He is very grateful for this opportunity. One of the tasks will be delivering public outreach programs and sharing information on forest ecology and fire management, which he is passionate about, with urban Canadians. He will also be developing an educational program about glaciers and the relationship between hydrology systems and forest ecology. This will build on his volunteer work as an assistant field researcher with the University of Northern BC's team that is studying glaciers in the Columbia Basin.

Micah has shown himself to be a thoughtful, mature young man who is committed to building his skills and knowledge so he can contribute to the future of forestry and land ethics.  

We are very proud to help support Micah’s education and are excited to follow his career!

This year we are proud to announce Allie Chown as the 2018 Kyle Levy Pride in Logging bursary recipient. Allie will be attending Selkirk College for Forest Technology Program this fall. 

Growing up in Balfour, Allie has spent the majority of her life outdoors. This lifestyle led her to begin forest firefighting in the summers. She was so excited to find a job that most days doesn’t feel like work allowing her to work outside and constantly learn everyday about the forest. One of the favorite things she has been learning about recently is identifying tree species. This was very rewarding for her which sparked her interest in forestry and eventually to enroll in the Forest Tech Program.   

When Allie is not working or studying, she is passionate about the outdoors. She spends her free time camping and hiking in the summer, skiing and snowmobiling in the winter. She likes to work with her hands, doing woodworking and furniture design. She really loves animals and to spend time with family and friends, these relationships are important to her. 

This summer will be Allie’s second year as a crew leader with her company. Her references in the community had nothing but praise for Allie. Her employer and peers describe her as “born leader”, “motivated”, “problem solver”, and the biggest one was “respectful” which made it so easy to award Allie this year. 

Allie has shown herself to be a thoughtful & mature; she plans to continue to work in the forest industry in the Kootenays after she graduates.   

We are very proud to help support Allie’s education and are excited to follow her career!


It has been a pleasure to get to know Liam Patience. When we called his references the community had nothing but praise for Liam. Descriptions like “overall package”, “hard worker”, “having integrity”, “kind” and “solid young man” easily rolled off their tongue. 

Liam is strong student maintaining a high grade point average. He is supportive by giving countless hours of his time to volunteer within his community such as the Kaslo Fire Department, coaching minor hockey, the Kaslo Jazzfest and is a huge asset in his school.  He received a number of awards at graduation one of which was the CBT Youth Community Service Award. 

Outdoor life has always been a large part of Liam’s life, fishing, hiking, cross country and downhill skiing. In the summer of 2015 Liam was given the opportunity to work with the Kaslo & District Community Forest. This introduced him to the world of cutblocks, chainsaws, logging roads and the crummy. After that job he knew he was hooked and that forestry was calling his name. 

During his graduating year he did a work experience placement with Timberland Forest Consultants. During the winter when he applied to them he was promptly accepted. He plans on working for Timberland Forest Consultants this upcoming summer after grad. Then, in the fall, attending Selkirk College for Forest Technology, a two year diploma program that will prepare him for a rewarding career in forest resource management. Liam looks forward to an exciting future in the Kootenays’ most prestigious industry. 

Liam plans to continue his life in British Columbia’s Forest sector and to have a long and rewarding career as a Forest Tech. He clearly loves the outdoors and forestry, and believes it is an integral part of his life in the Kootenays. 

We are so proud to help support Liam’s journey and excited to follow his career!

2018 Recipient - Allie Chown

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Receiving the AF Timber Pride in Logging Bursary has helped me continue my university education in environmental science and pursue my interests in the forest sector. It obviously helped pay my tuition, but in a world that is focused on the newest gadget and instant communication, it has also been a reminder that the forest sector helps society take a long-term view, including the importance of investing in our forests and communities. On a personal level, receiving the award confirmed my belief that being actively involved in my school and community are important. It is easy to become consumed with our own personal challenges but, as someone who is dealing with a chronic pain issue for the past 16 months, I am learning that giving back to your community helps you overcome such obstacles. I am honoured to have been chosen for the bursary as it is helping me explore how I will contribute to healthy forests and rural communities into the future. - Micah May

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2017 Recipient - Micah May

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Kyle Levy Pride in Logging Bursary Recipients

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