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Kyle lived life to it's fullest. He lived simply and loved passionately. He listened intently and help immensely. He believed in remembering the past but living in the moment. Life is not a race. Kyle was a teacher. He dissolved the word "hate" out of his childrens vocabulary without saying you can't say it. Kyle was solid. Adventure was essential and he loved to share it with others. Kyle had patience and unmeasueable determination.

He embraced every second of his time in the mountains as much as

he embraced friends and family.

As Kyle would say "Things happen for a reason and change is inevitable. It is what it is. Never regret the past or worry about the future. Live and enjoy the moment"

Kyle loved and was loved. Always and Forever


A.F. Timber Co Ltd, is pleased to offer the Kyle Levy - Pride in Logging Bursary, an annual bursary of $1,500 to a student entering the field of Logging or a first or second year full time Forestry or Trade program at a Canadian College, Technical Institute or University. 

Eligibility criteria:

 Student must be entering the field of Logging, or enrolled in, a full time Forestry or Trade program this upcoming fall.

 Student must plan to work within Logging, Forestry or a Trade

 Student must be from the West Kootenay Region of BC. 

How to apply:

Please send the following information, in digital format, to the following; 

Erin Fitchett

Attn: Kyle Levy - Pride in Logging Bursary


Include in the submission:

1. Completed Application Form (please email Erin@aftimber.com for an application form)

2. Official Transcripts (most recent available)

3. At least two written personal or professional reference letters

4. Personalized letter outlining your career goals and why you should be considered for scholarship funding.

Applicants will be assessed on academic standing, financial need and written summary.

Preference will be given to students entering the field of Logging to pay for training and certificates or students enrolled in a first or second year Forestry or Trade program, although all students are encouraged to apply. 

Bursary will cover expenses associated with certificates or equipment needed to enter the field directly to vendor or be paid out to the institute in which student is enrolled in.

Application deadline is April 30, 2019

* Trades program defined as a British Columbia School offering Heavy Duty Mechanics, Professional Truck Driving, Heavy Duty Machine Operators Course, Welding Course or similar training program that leads to employment within the logging industry.